Imagine: Ed (For Beatriz)

Today was moving day! After dating Ed for a while you suggested that he moved in since he was over most of the time anyway. You threw up your hair and tied it quickly then slipped into a sloppy t-shirt and sweat pants. As soon as you tied the draw string on your pants there was a knock at the door and you dashed down to get it, swinging it open to reveal your ginger boyfriend with a box in his hands, his cat perched on his shoulder, and a smile on his sweet face.
“Uh, hello beautiful,” he chuckled. “Mind taking the cat, yeah?” You smirked then reached up and grabbed the large cat, pausing to give him a quick kiss. “The rest of my stuff is in the car,” he tells you. You nod and set the feline on the back of the couch to walk out and grab a box.
“Ed, you only have like four boxes,” you stated and you lugged in some of this things and set them on the ground.
“I don’t have much, but you’re really all I need,” he sang, making up his own song. He grabbed your hand and twirled you around once. “This’ll be fun, yeah? Cuddle, order Chinese?” He thought out loud, breaking the tune. You nodded and led him outside to finish bringing in boxes.
After you had unloaded his car you both settled into the couch together, quietly deciding where to put everything. “Beatriz?” He cooed, his accent flowing through your ears.
“Hmm?” You answered
“Are you happy I’m here?” He furrowed his brow, looking deeply concerned.
“Of course I am! Why wouldn’t I be?” He shrugged.
“Sometimes I don’t understand how I got so lucky and I have to remind myself that I’m not dreaming,” he answered shyly. You blushed and kissed his cheek.
“All real. And I’m glad you’re here,” you whispered. He retaliated with a kiss on your forehead.
“I’m glad I’m home too,” he winked.

NOTE: I’m sorry this one is a little short!

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